17 June 2010

Check me out at Drawgasmic 2010!

This piece will be on exhibition and for sale during the one day only Drawgasmic bonanza, with about 400+ other artists worldwide including professionals, students, and everyone in between. I am promoting as best as I can... he, he, he. I am quite excited! This is my first art show, ever. I never had the opportunity to be part of an art show in high school (we didn't have any exhibitions, ever) and I didn't make it into the FIT Illustration House thing, so this is really exciting for me.

The piece, entitled "If I Only Had the Paint, the Paper, ...the Courage" is very personal to me, and is about how I have all these ideas floating around in my head, but I doubt myself and beat myself up instead of just putting the paintbrush to the paper. Even with this exhibition, which was open-themed, I had trouble coming up with what to do... so I decided to get my frustration out by painting it.

Blah blah blah please support me and my fellow artists! :)

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