23 August 2012

Three Little Pigs

This was a simple sketchbook doodle of a pig's severed head that went 360 degrees in a split second... I decided it would be cool to do some sort of tribal-esque version of the three little pigs, plus a sexy wolf head lady. Okay, okay, I just wanted to draw severed pig heads and a wolf skull. Anyway here it is!

I actually LOVE where this ended up! I so seldom use ink anymore these days in my sketchbook, it brings me back to my sophomore year of school when I ONLY ever used ink! I had a lot of fun with this one, hope you guys enjoy!

XO Meg

Asphodel Meadows

Aside from my work on "Cat & House", here's a painting I did called "Asphodel Meadows". It's based on the Edgar Allen Poe short story "Eleonora". I'm a huge EAP fan, even did a report on him in the fifth grade (I was a messed up kid, I get it)... anyway, Asphodel Meadows is often a term used for the afterlife, reserved for people who led lives close to godliness. I use the term ironically here, as in Poe's "Eleonora", the main character falls in love with his younger cousin in their secluded meadow. I flip-flopped the role of the female and male cousin.

This was done in gouache and I'm pretty pleased with the final result! I was heavily influenced by some shows I went to see down at the Chelsea galleries in Manhattan, NYC. So many inspiring exhibitions down there!

XO Meg

Cat & House: Interior

Here's a preview of some more concept work on my current project, an interior layout design! I've really been enjoying playing around with photoshop and playing with color combinations and settings... I wanted this scene to focus on the idea of the cat toys and scratching post invading the living space. The birds as decoration are meant to further the idea that the human world of the owners is colliding with that of the cats, causing a lot of unexpected outcomes! I'm having a blast with this project and can't wait for it to unfold even more.

The books and birds have been SO much fun for me - I decided to base the birds on several driftwood-carved Jersey shore birds my mother has floating around the house. I'm just really excited about how this project is turning out! Keep looking for updates!

XO Meg

19 August 2012

Cat & House: Re-do

I ended up re-doing one of my character paintings for my current project, I just wasn't happy with the way the earlier version ended up - it didn't capture the character well enough. So here's some sneak peaks of the re-hashed version!

I hope you guys are all enjoying the last dog days of summer... Or should I say cat days? ;)
XO Meg

11 August 2012

Cat & House Preview: Jasper P. Kittens

I know I posted a sneak preview from "Cat & House", and here's another one! The second of my two main characters, a grumpy old man of a cat, Jasper P. Kittens (but don't ask what the 'P' stands for... you might not want to know!). I had an ultimate data malfunction that ended up working to my benefit, but here's a few progress shots. He's not 100% done and I'll be sure to upload the final product! Enjoy!

I'll be sure to post when he's all finished so you guys can see where he ended up!
XO Meg