15 October 2012

"Cat & House" Interior Environment

Here's the finish for my "Cat & House" project's interior environment - just to give a sense of how I want the house to feel for them! They spend most of their time in the family room just sleeping, anyway. I wanted everything to feel bright and sunny!

All of the books are interpretations of real paperbacks and hardcovers found around my house - if you look really close, you can spot Memoirs of a Geisha! Enjoy!

XO Meg

"Requiem Mass" Update

Although I have recently received some great critique from my mentor, Lisa, I have updated my piece "Requiem Mass" and thought I'd share this version as well - although it will be changing as soon as I get a free moment to fix it up!

XO Meg

22 September 2012

"Death Of A Novelist"

Here are the full-page illustration and accompanying 1/4 page spot illustration that I did for Robert Gover's short story "One Novel's Tortured Sojourn through The Culture War and Copyright Legalities" (what a mouthful!). I enjoyed doing these because, for the first time in quite a while, I got to experiment doing an illustration free of people! It's been a while! I am pleased with where they ended up. I might tweak them a bit before handing them in Monday, but otherwise, I'd say they're pretty much where they'll stay! Enjoy!

XO Meg

19 September 2012

and on to the next one...

Seems like there's no shortage of projects, eh? Now I'm working on another editorial piece for Heidi Younger's Illustration Workshop class. This one deals with copyright infringement and loss of work. I'm enjoying the simplicity of this one -- I don't usually do illustrations without figures/animals of some sort, so focusing on an object for once is a lot of fun! It was particularly difficult to obtain reference, have you ever tried to cut a shape out of a book before?! Utterly exhausting! (Sorry Dean Koontz...)

Here's the progress so far! It's actually about halfway there. I'll be sure to post again when it's all finished!

XO Meg

18 September 2012

"Requiem Mass"

I finally finished up "Requiem Mass" for Andrew McCarthy's short story "Going Back In", featured in the National Geographic Adventure Aug/Sep 2009 issue. It was an editorial assignment given to my Mentor/Specialization class by our professor Richard Elmer. Done in Adobe Photoshop, and I'm quite pleased with the final result... I don't know if I've ever done such a really complete looking finish! I'm experimenting with digital finishes a lot lately and I'm very excited about this new direction I'm headed in.

The idea is that  the girl, Katy, has drowned and you are seeing the reactions of her peers reflected in the water. I wanted the focus to be on Katy and set the mood with a split-complementary color scheme. And now... back to work!

XO Meg

15 September 2012

Dirty Drowning Man

Here's a sample shot of progress of my first finish of this semester for Richard Elmer's mentor/specialization class. We had to do an editorial piece from a story about camping and a girl who drowns and this dude's road to redemption. I drew a drowning girl and listened to a lot of Primus...

I'm doing this piece digitally, as it is now my fastest and most proficient form of color rendering. I'm really excited about where this is heading - I've decided to meld together flat shape and full render and linework. I want to maintain the freshness of my original drawings and still keep a strokey, brushy, painterly atmosphere. I'm stoked to see where this new direction leads me!! I'll post the full finish by Weds (because that's when it's due... heh, heh...)

XO Meg

23 August 2012

Three Little Pigs

This was a simple sketchbook doodle of a pig's severed head that went 360 degrees in a split second... I decided it would be cool to do some sort of tribal-esque version of the three little pigs, plus a sexy wolf head lady. Okay, okay, I just wanted to draw severed pig heads and a wolf skull. Anyway here it is!

I actually LOVE where this ended up! I so seldom use ink anymore these days in my sketchbook, it brings me back to my sophomore year of school when I ONLY ever used ink! I had a lot of fun with this one, hope you guys enjoy!

XO Meg