15 September 2012

Dirty Drowning Man

Here's a sample shot of progress of my first finish of this semester for Richard Elmer's mentor/specialization class. We had to do an editorial piece from a story about camping and a girl who drowns and this dude's road to redemption. I drew a drowning girl and listened to a lot of Primus...

I'm doing this piece digitally, as it is now my fastest and most proficient form of color rendering. I'm really excited about where this is heading - I've decided to meld together flat shape and full render and linework. I want to maintain the freshness of my original drawings and still keep a strokey, brushy, painterly atmosphere. I'm stoked to see where this new direction leads me!! I'll post the full finish by Weds (because that's when it's due... heh, heh...)

XO Meg

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