23 August 2012

Asphodel Meadows

Aside from my work on "Cat & House", here's a painting I did called "Asphodel Meadows". It's based on the Edgar Allen Poe short story "Eleonora". I'm a huge EAP fan, even did a report on him in the fifth grade (I was a messed up kid, I get it)... anyway, Asphodel Meadows is often a term used for the afterlife, reserved for people who led lives close to godliness. I use the term ironically here, as in Poe's "Eleonora", the main character falls in love with his younger cousin in their secluded meadow. I flip-flopped the role of the female and male cousin.

This was done in gouache and I'm pretty pleased with the final result! I was heavily influenced by some shows I went to see down at the Chelsea galleries in Manhattan, NYC. So many inspiring exhibitions down there!

XO Meg

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